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Tow Truck Service

This is a picture of a tow truck service.

We are very proud of our tow truck services here in Galveston. They have been good enough in the past to give us a great reputation with the community and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Our fleet of tow trucks are ready to be rolled out at your earliest convenience. You won’t regret working with us on this and you will be happy for our help when the time comes. There are no excuses from us and there never will be. We are there to help to limit stress in stressful situations and we would love it if you were there for the ride.

Tools and Equipment

We have a strict no return policy. No, this doesn’t mean that we do not accept refunds under any circumstances, before you get worried about it. Instead, this means that once we are there, we are there for good, with enough tools to get the job done wherever it needs to get done.

We make sure that we have everything we need with us in order to give you what you need and you won’t see us turning around to go back to the office or the warehouse because we have forgotten the correct winch! It is just not going to happen because our standards are higher than that.


Why do we have such high standards, you might be asking yourself? Well the reason is simple. We, the members of our team, like everyone else, have had experiences dealing with bad contractors in the past.

We don’t like having these experiences and, once you break it down, they normally arise from a situation where the company in question is not as organised as they should be. Therefore, we have made a vow to never be like that. We will always complete our jobs to the highest of standards as a result and we find that our customers are very happy to hear about it!

Our Process

The process is really very simple. We need to hear from you in order to start a great job for you. Therefore, when you get in touch with us, whether it is by phone, email or any other way, we will find you as quickly as we can and set off to give you a hand. This means limited waiting time and a speedy service that will get you going on your way again as soon as possible.

Once you are finished, we will make sure you have the advice to make sure it doesn’t happen again and that you have a smile on your face!

Save Our Number!

The most important thing that you can do right now is to save our number. One of the main reasons why people get themselves stuck for a long time is because they don’t have a reliable friend to call when they need one.

Save our number to make sure you don’t experience that. We will be happy to receive your call whenever!

Galveston, TX